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The product line of BOLEAR company includes 22 brands. The most part of brands is the company’s proper trademarks, for example, VIZIT and VIVA condoms. The independent work with packaging, design and technologies, accurate selection of manufacturers, suppliers and plants from around the world, bringing the best and the most proven of them to the work, open the tremendous opportunities to create attractive products. In addition, the company is an exclusive distributor of German trademark Sico.

In this section of the catalogue, the following types of products are presented:

  • Condoms
  • Lubricants
  • Sex toys
  • Souvenirs


There are the condoms of different shapes — classic, contour anatomic, flared, with a locking ring at the bottom. The anatomical features dictate the necessity of a wide range; it is very important that every potential buyer could find a right product for himself.

Herewith, it should be noted that the condoms are not only used for contraception and protection from STIs (sexually transmissible infections), but also to introduce variety into sex life, for example, the high-strength condoms are for anal sex. Some types of condoms resolve very specific problems: benzocaine lubricant reduces the sensitivity and allows prolonging the intercourse through avoiding premature ejaculation.


Actual qualitative German condoms, sold under SICO brand, traditionally demonstrate the optimal ratio of price and quality. The products are supplied in packs of 3 or 12 units, depending on the type.


VIZIT condoms are available in three price segments: middle, middle+ and premium. There are four series, designed for the absolute different consumers, choosing specifically this method of contraception, from students to people of substance:

  • VIZIT Classic range — middle-class
  • VIZIT HI-TECH — middle+
  • VIZIT ELITE — premium
  • VIZIT NANO-TECH — premium

The condoms of premium class are packed in the buttercups, individual plastic containers. Apart from other benefits, this type of package prevents incorrect putting on.

The attention should be drawn to the fact that some consumers are not able to use latex condoms because of individual intolerance of a material. According to medical studies, the incidence of such cases is about 3-5% of people in the world. With development of high technologies in the global industry of condom production, the condoms of polyurethane material, ultimately different from the latex ones have appeared. These condoms are hypoallergenic, thinner by several times than the latex ones, have the better thermal conductivity, but with shelf life by 2 times longer. In VIZIT range the polyurethane condoms represented by VIZIT NANO-TECH series of premium class.


The quality condoms of economy class are supplied for BOLEAR company by one of the largest global manufacturers of Malaysia. Every type of VIVA products is available in packs sizes of 3 and 12 units.

In addition to developing and selling the proper brands and distribution, it is possible to produce condoms to order. Any drawing (a company logo, the initials or other symbols) can be applied on the package of a condom.

Regarding the questions of contract manufacturing, please contact with the Marketing Department by phone +7 (495) 787-92-68, ext. 368.


Lubricants are necessary for additional moisture, increase in comfort during sex, as well as to achieve the effect, which is something similar to the increase in libido during sexual intercourse or for its prolongation. These products contribute to preventing the minor injuries, such as the damage or irritation of mucous membranes during sexual contacts.

We present high-quality VIZIT and SICO gels-lubricants, such as exciting, prolonging, warming, flavored ones, and many others made in Germany. Two package sizes are possible: in convenient tubes and bottles of 50 or 100 ml.

Sex toys

VIZIT PLEASURE sex toys are made of high-quality elastic materials and safe to use absolutely. The erection rings gained particularly high popularity.


In the line of SICO automobile fragrances of original design five different fragrances, which are highly popular with the consumers, are presented:

  • «Watermelon»
  • «Forest berries»
  • «Vanilla»
  • «Lemon»
  • «Coconut»

The aromatizers are designed according to the unified style, but each type has an original message, for example, “Keep your mind on the move” or “Timely exchange the tire”. The products are manufactured of special porous cartoon, and soaked with the flavoring agents of specific formulations.

Regarding the questions of purchasing the presented products, please contact with the managers of BOLEAR company by phone +7 (495) 787-92-68.