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In the BOLEAR’s product catalogue on the company’s website, you can find the following trademarks:

  • LUXPLAST — medical adhesive plasters
  • EXTRAPLAST — medical and cosmetic patches
  • BODIHEAT — thermic active patches
  • TOXINET — patches for toxin removal
  • PROTAB —patches against tobacco addiction


LUXPLAST is a wide range of medical plasters, from the standard polymer plasters with an absorbent pad to the special ones, for example, for treatment of dry corns. The adhesive plasters are produced in the forms of sets, strip tapes and coils, and are made on the non-woven, fabric, silk, polyurethane or polymer basis.

Plasters sets and strips

In the BOLEAR’s product catalogue, there are the adhesive plasters in the sets and strips for the different purposes: standard, universal plasters, corn-plasters, plasters for fingers, occluders, children plasters and others.

For example, in the center of the pad of LUXPLAST adhesive plaster for dry corns, there is a special hole with the therapeutic composition, which includes salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is an effective, safe and painless keratolytic.
Hemostatic, water-resistant adhesive plasters stop bleeding within 1-2 minutes with an absorbable pad, which is impregnated with m•doc™ active ingredient.

The reliable fixation is ensured due to hypoallergenic adhesive coating.


LUXPLAST adhesive plasters are primarily designed for fixing the dressings and catheters during treatment and postoperative recovery periods.


Spray creates an invisible water-resistant film that protects against bacteria and promotes rapid healing of wounds, abrasions and scratches on the skin. The spray dries quickly, does not hinder movement and is well suited for the use in the high-to-reach spaces.


EXTRAPLAST therapeutic and cosmetic patches are presented in several series according to the principle of action.

The cooling patches are used to relieve the state in cases of increased temperature, headache and muscle pain. The main active ingredient is menthol. The composition also contains various essential oils, e.g. the oils of eucalyptus and lavender. They are safe absolutely, can be used by children and adults, and are suitable for women during pregnancy and lactation.

Aroma is a series of gel plasters against cough, insomnia and sickness, acting through aromatherapy.

The cosmetic patches of Beauty series are designed to care for facial skin. There are two products: collagen patches for the skin care around the eyes and for the reduction of dark circles, hydrocolloid patches against acne in the problem skin.

EXTRAPLAST patches are the reasonable alternative to the medicinal products without any contraindications.


BODIHEAT unique thermic patches are used in rheumatism, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, myositis. They are heated due to the direct contact with air and retain the warmth for 12 hours. The patches are fixed securely on the exterior side of underwear.


PROTAB patches are used against tobacco addiction. Due to sonicotinel in the composition, the patches have the double action, at the same time eliminate nicotine craving through the competitive displacement, and clean the body from toxins.


TOXINET patches are used for eliminating toxins, harmful chemicals and heavy metals from the body through the feet skin. The effects of patch use include general improvement of health state, pain relief in muscles and joints, edema removal and immunity increase. These patches are recommended especially to the people who are daily faced with the poor environmental conditions in their town, and those who are regularly experiencing significant stresses, as well as the people, underwent the long-term medical treatment course.

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