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BOLEAR company cooperates with the proven global manufacturers. The orthopedic products in the product catalogue are presented as production of the Intersan s.a. company. These STIL orthopaedic products are made of neoprene and resilient fabric, and are characterized of high quality and excellent operating factors.

Fixation devices of neoprene

Orthopedic devices of neoprene (fixation devices, lumbo-sacral supports, and shorts) are designed for preventing the damage and providing the support during post-traumatic rehabilitation. STIL fixation devices are made of neoprene foam, which has thermal tightening effect, as well as the stabilizing action.

STIL production of neoprene firmly fixates the necessary area, rendering the thermic action on it, stimulating blood circulation and providing the diathermic effect of muscles. The devices are easily modeled, adjusting to any comfortable position of an injured body part.

Resilient fixation devices

STIL resilient fabric is presented in the forms of fixation devices for the wrists and elbow joints, lumbo-sacral supports, bandages, stockings. The resilient fabric composition includes cotton and acrylic, which can ensure the high level of support, long-term durability and comfort when wearing the devices of knitted fabric.

STIL lumbo-sacral supports of resilient fabric have convenient systems of width adjustment, and are recommended for the post-traumatic recovery, but also for the prophylaxis of various diseases, as well as for the prevention of minor traumas and injuries of the joints.

In this section of the catalogue, it is possible to be informed about the range of orthopedic products in more details. BOLEAR company works with the large pharmaceutical distributors and pharmacy chains, federal and regional retail chains and medical institutions.

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