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The products for hygiene and protection are presented in the BOLEAR’s catalogue as the products for burns, ear protectors, antibacterial hand gels and pill boxes.

SILENCE ear protectors

The main functions of ear protectors are the following:

  • Protection against noise for people with necessity to rest
  • Reduction of discomfort during air travels
  • Protection of ear canal against water, dust and sand
  • Protection of ears in noisy manufacturing facilities

SILENCE ear protectors are manufactured from high quality polyurethane or silicone. Their main function is the protection against noise at a workplace and at home. A convenient plastic container for storage contributes to easy storage of ear protectors and for preserving their operational properties for a long time. The materials of construction of ear protectors are hypoallergenic and adapt easily to the shape of an ear canal.

SILENCE ear protectors can not be used repeatedly.


The gels are designed to provide the first medical care in case of burn occurrence. They are very effective in sunburns. The main active element included in the composition of an agent is tea tree oil, the strong antiseptic, which promotes rapid healing of wounds.

CLEANBERRY antibacterial hand gels

The composition of hand gels contains ethyl alcohol, the fast and reliable antiseptic. The studies show that the gel eliminates 99.9% of harmful microorganisms. The line of CLEANBERRY antibacterial gels consists of 6 types of products with different fragrances, from the flavour of a fleshy apple to the one of chamomile flowers.

The composition of CLEANBERRY gels also includes the following active antibacterial components:

  • Chamomile extract
  • Bisabolol
  • Resin of Senegalese acacia
  • D-panthenol (provitamin B5)
  • Shea butter
  • Glycerin

PILULA pill boxes

There are 14 comfortable, colorful PILULA pill boxes of different shapes and sizes. Pill boxes are designed to store the medical products and vitamins. There are compact and capacious pill boxes, for one day or for a week, for the use on the road, at home or in the hospital, colored and monochrome, simple and multifunctional, for example with a knife-divider and a graduated glass for liquid intake. There are electronic pill boxes with a timer that will remind about the intake of a medicinal product at well-defined time points. The novelty of a range is a bright colorful pill box named as PILULA Vitaminka with funny drawings of animals for children and expectant mothers.

If you have any questions on wholesale purchases of the production presented in a catalog, please contact the managers of BOLEAR by phone +7 (495) 787-92-68.