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In the BOLEAR’s product catalogue the large product range of the company-manufacturer ALPINA PLAST is presented. There are syringes, Esmarch's irrigators, breast pumps and breast milk packets, pressure bulbs, nasal aspirator, set "MalyshOK!", vacuum cups, balance discs, fitballs.

The advantages of ALPINA PLAST production:

  • Full compliance with the REACH European regulation on the use of chemicals
  • Soft flawless and crispness polyvinyl chloride
  • Devices are equipped with atraumatic tips to prevent microtraumas at the introduction
  • More than 1.5 million cycles of the use of devices
  • Individual cartoon package
  • Guaranteed dates of expiration and operation— 5 years from the manufacture date

ALPINA PLAST Vacuum cups

ALPINA PLAST vacuum cups are designed for the static and kinesthetic vacuum therapy, in other words, for the vacuum massage in general, cosmetic purposes, and for the neck massage. The cups are easy to disinfect, and show maximum effect without painful sensations. Like all products of a manufacturer, they are made of blue PVC plastisol, which can be easy disinfected.

ALPINA PLAST breast pumps

Breast pumps with a polycarbonate or glass container are designed for the expression of breast milk in nursing mothers and are particularly effective for the lactation stimulation. The production is made of smooth and flat material without chips, cracks or scratches.

It’s recommended to pay attention the the sterile bags for breast milk storing that can be easily marketed in the completion with breast pumps. The milk bags with the hermetic seal and double walls can be stored in the freezer for up to 90 days without loss of useful properties.

The devices for therapeutic exercises

The devices for therapeutic exercises and disease prophylaxis are presented as the medical balls, igloballs and balancing discs. They are produced of flexible polyvinyl chloride, and safe for use by both adults and children. These devices are the universal exercisers that can be used at home or in a special room for exercises. ALPINA PLAST products are hypoallergenic and can be easily cared for.

Regarding the questions of production purchasing, contact the managers of BOLEAR by phone +7 (495) 787-92-68.