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The product range of BOLEAR company is more than 300 item names under own trademarks, as well as production of the largest worldwide manufactures. The product line has been developed thoroughly for many years, and demand for products is confirmed by stable growth of consumer’s requirements and high parameters of sales.

Product range

The company banks not only on the quantitative indicators but also on qualitative characteristics of the product line. Nowadays the major part of a range is the recognizable trademarks with unchallenged reputation:

  • Condoms and lubricant: SICO, VIZIT, VIVA.
  • Women’s health products – FRAUTEST rapid diagnostic tests (for the determination of pregnancy and ovulation, menopause, vaginal thrush and for the detection of amniotic fluid leakage), ITEST Plus – the tests for pregnancy detection, FRAUPLAST – patches for pain relief during menstrual periods, FRAU Comfort – breast pads
  • Medical, therapeutic and cosmetic patches (plasters): LUXPLAST, EXTRAPLAST, PROTAB, TOXINET
  • BABÉ LABORATORIOS cosmetics for kids, DEOICE mineral deodorants
  • Hygienic and protective products: SILENCE ear protectors, OZHOGOV.NET gels for burns, PILULA pill boxes, CLEANBERRY antibacterial hand gels
  • Medical expendable materials – HELM syringes, VIVA masks, shoe covers and caps.
  • ALPINA PLAST balloon devices for sports, health and beauty — douche-bags, aspirators, exercise balls, massage sets.

For convenience, the products in the catalogue are presented according to categories, groups and trademarks with detailed description of each product.

BOLEAR’s proper brands

In 2016, the major part of a product range of BOLEAR company is the proper brands. There are VIZIT and VIVA condoms, FRAUTEST and ITEST Plus rapid diagnostic tests, LUXPLAST, EXTRAPLAST, PROTAB, TOXINET, and FRAUPLAST patches, DEOICE deodorants, CLEANBERRY antibacterial hand gels, OZHOGOV.NET gels, PILULA pill boxes.

Since 2000, the company has been developed its own manufacture. In 2000 CPR GmbH German company decided to transfer the part of a technological cycle of SICO condoms to packaging stations of OOO MasterPak. The strong quality control of finished products is executed at all stages of manufacturing process in accordance with the generally accepted international standards.

Global manufacturers

BOLEAR cooperates directly with the manufacturers of healthcare products from Germany, Canada, Spain, Japan, USA, China, Israel, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Russia and other countries of the world. Among the partners, there are such well-known companies as CPR Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH, Sagami Manufacturers Sdn. Bhd. KAREX INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD. AXIOM Gesellschaft für Diagnostica und Biochemica mbH, Atlas Link (Beijing) Technology Co.

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